The Beadmakers Guild

The Beadmakers Guild is a group of beadmakers making beads as components for other creative people to use. We hope to franchise this store acoss South Africa.

Beadmaking in South Africa is a growing venture and is exciting seeing creativity being expressed in this way. Its is exciting seeing other creatives using beads and to see how creative partnerships can be created through the medium of design at the Montebello Design Centre. We aim to nurture foster and grow beadmaking on the continent of Africa. There is no reason why we should be importing all our beads from other country, when we have such a field and job shortage. Making beads breaks the frustration of unemployment. Making beads breaks the monotony of life. It allows you to be creative. It allows you to live as a person and discover your personhood.

Beadmakers Guild

Studio 22 Montebello Design Centre

John Bauer
Cell: 0721458433