Mogalakwena Craft Art

Mogalakwena Craft Art Development Foundation (MCADF) was established by Dr Elbé Coetsee in 1994. The Foundation specialises in traditional handcrafts and contemporary design to create bespoke pieces, interior accessories and unique artworks.

The Foundation’s mission is to promote traditional craft art skills and market unique quality craft art products. All our products are handmade - beading, embroidery, stitching, basket weaving, knitting, crochet… We have worked with renowned artists, designers and architects for more than 20 years. Our projects focus on and invest in the culture and development of the creative skills of members of the local communities. Local communities benefit as a direct consequence of the Foundation’s activities and Mogalakwena Craft Art encourages self-respect and dignity of members of these communities. Coetsee researches handcrafts and is the author of two books, Craft Art in South Africa (Struik 2002) and Craft Art in South Africa - Creative Intersections (Jonathan Ball 2016).


The Stables 5 & 6 Montebello Design Centre

Telephone: +27 (0) 21 685 4844
Mobile: +27 (0) 83 460 6460