Earth Again

Encouraging households, businesses and communities in South Africa to embrace responsible waste management. Doing this through the Aerobin Home Composter.

Earth Again is a company focused on making composting easy, specifically in urban environments. Our flagship product, the Aerobin Home Composter, transforms composting into a simple, clean, and hassle-free process. Say goodbye to bad smells and pests! Just load from the top and harvest your compost from the bottom. The Aerobin Composter is where design and nature meet. Using a central aeration lung to aerate your compost, as hot air in the bin rises it draws fresh air in through the central lung. This rising hot air condenses on the lid, naturally circulating moisture throughout your bin. It has two easy-access doors at the bottom for hassle-free harvesting. A liquid collection tank for all the leachate (liquid fertiliser) released during the composting process. Additionally, with this rapid hot composting unit heating up to between 60-70 degrees Celsius, it takes between 8-12 weeks until your compost is mature. We are using the Aerobin Composter to compost all of Montebello's compostable waste. Come visit our composting site just past the picnic cafe or our offices in Studio N. Happy Composting!

Studio N Montebello Design Centre


Sam Christianson
082 305 0843