John Bauer

John Bauer is a well-known ceramic artist and materials engineer, who has exhibited widely both at home in South Africa and abroad, and was represented in two South African museums before the age of 30.

John is known for his innovative approach to porcelain, redefining and expanding the material's boundaries. He has reverse engineered a Tsung Dynasty technique allowing graphics to rise above the surface of the clay, created thermal shock resistant porcelain, as well as infused knitting and thread with porcelain to generate unique bowls. More recently, he is working with a responsive emulsion infused in the body of the clay to capture images of ambient objects, a technique that he has coined "dioroid" printing.

The John Bauer Pottery studio is open to the public, and John will almost certainly welcome you with a cup of tea. You can purchase his art work directly from the Montebello studio, as well as works from his commercial line, White Elephant & Co.

He offers regular workshops renowned for their unusual approach. Take a look at his website for upcoming workshops. Alternatively, contact him directly to request a workshop for a group of people.

John Bauer


Contact John Bauer 072 145 8433