Manya Coffee

Ethically and sustainably sourced coffee from East Africa, that brings the flavours,
smells and aromas of organically grown high altitude coffee to your cup.

Manya Coffee sources amazing coffee from one of the best coffee growing regions of the world, East Africa. We aim to bring the flavours, cultures and environment from which our coffee is grown, to your cup of coffee. Coffee is not just about having your fix in the morning, but more of an experience of flavours, smells and aromas that give you a taste of another part of the world. Our coffee starts its journey in East Africa where it is grown organically in high altitudes of 1300 to 1800 meters above sea level on the misty mountain ranges of Mt Elgon, Mt Kenya and Mt Kilimanjaro. This lush vegetation and rich volcanic soils all contribute to the distinct flavour notes of our Single Origin coffee. In tandem with the coffee farmers, we are guaranteed great quality coffee but most importantly, ensure Fair Trade practices are followed when sourcing our coffee. The journey ends in Cape Town, South Africa where we roast and pack our coffee, which completes the cycle- 'From East Africa to your cup'

Studio I Montebello Design Centre

open 8am - 4pm


+27 76 210 5250