Coney Collective

CONEY Collective is a collaboration of the best craft/recycled skills in the greater Cape Town catchment to produce sustainable furniture, or as we call it feature ART pieces.

Sustainable design inspired by Nature

The urge to reconnect with nature plays out in a variety of our designs and natural colour palettes. EARTHED suggests there's a strong link to the farm-to-table movement that now extends to sustainable furniture that ground us as consumer trends become increasing "homegrown". After taking a brief we source the best examples of re-claimed hardwood materials from around the Cape catchment area, re-nourish and produce feature pieces that brings any space alive. Enduring hand-made masterpieces that reflect the natural beauty we exist in, inspired by nature. Olde-world charm with contemporary aesthetics.

Customer Design Programme / You Design: Bring your own concepts and we will make them a reality with your input making sure you play an integral role in the entire manufacturing process. Regular updates, feedback, amendments are all part of our customer eccentric approach.

Coney Collective

Studio J Montebello Design Centre

Dean Dicks 083 259 6220